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The fundamentals of Internet marketing include web optimization strategies, promotional campaigns, Web tracking, Google and much more. Internet marketing is essential for anyone selling a product or service today.

Did you know that more than two thirds of all consumers visit the Web for some type of product or service information before making a purchase?

Web Design and Website Management

We are a professional web design/marketing team that specialises in providing online solutions to offline & online businesses.

We are the technical as well as the marketing support for your business that is here to take away any and all online marketing headaches from you the busy business owner.

Many people know that they are missing out on vast opportunities by not having a website at all (criminal!!) or they have a site but it is not producing income, just a drain on resources (Time & Money).

You as a business owner and expert in your field should not need to become an expert in I.T. as well.

Website design and, just as importantly if not more so, the ongoing maintenance and improvement of your website is a specialist field (if not 2!). To employ a full-time I.T. manager ($5 – 10,000/mth) and/or an online marketing manager ($4-10,000/mth) is a serious drain on your limited resources unless it produces results for you in excess of your expenses, quickly.

By using our services you not only outlay less money each month you are employing the expertise of more than 1 or 2 experts, you will have a team of experts in various fields working to gain you new business or increase the business you are currently enjoying.

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Why you need an online presence (Website)

An online presence is essential for businesses these days and can be the most cost effective form of marketing available to you. However, it is not a ‘build it and they will come’ situation, you will only get the results out of your website proportional to the effort and professionalism that you put into it. Too many businesses think that the end of the story is to build a website and then wonder why they are not getting the results they would like.

This would be the equivalent of printing a great magazine and then leaving it in the box in the store room – if people cannot find your website how can it possibly work?

The truth is that the internet offers the potential for you to not only get in front of your traditional prospects locally but the world is now your oyster.

The same message being read by your local prospects can be just as easily be read by prospects half a world away. It is also true that you can better reach your local clients through the power of the internet by highly focused and targeted online advertising campaigns that will bring you far better results than you would have ever got for the same money through print, radio or TV advertising.

In addition you can stay in touch like never before with your regular customers and bring new offerings or information to them instantly through your website, newsletters or social media.

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SEO/ Web Marketing

The catch phrase for online website promotion is referred to as SEO(Search Engine Optimization), making your website more readily found by people searching for products or services that your site provides on places like Google. This is just one step in the process. It is not just about making the website more appealing to your end customers it is about ticking all the search engine boxes:

Search Engine Friendly:

  • Content (relavent text copy, images, etc.)
  • Design Code
  • Design Layout

Backlinks –

a fancy name for other sites linking to your content and basically saying we value what you have to say or the content you provide, etc.

Social Media Marketing –

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc…. – If you’re familiar with social media than you know that the social media revolution has often be referred to as Web 2.0. Said another way, the ability to communicate in real time via the web through networks of like-minded people is considered the second iteration of the Internet. If the internet was considered to be the next best communication invention after the telephone (if not THE best communication invention ever!) then Social Media is the next generation in communication.

Article Marketing –

writing about your field of expertise or the services that you provide will highlight to your prospective clients as well as existing clients how valuable your offering is to them. In addition it adds credibility to your level of expertise by the amount of websites that will publish your writings (this would equate to being published in the print media in offline marketing – establishing your credentials).

Video Marketing –

These days you can produce and publish short 30 second (Commercials length) videos or even 10-15 minute videos in a a very short period of time (1-2+ hours). Imagine 5 years ago if someone could have offered you a TV commercial for less than the price of a meal out, produce and air it in under an afternoon – it would not have been believable would it? That is just a small part of the power of the internet.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail campaigns to existing or opt-in prospects (people who request that you contact them with relevant information); special offers, promotions and time limited deals.

E-Mail capture – Just like in the real world, online is all about building relationships. The best way to build that relationship is to have a way of contacting people on a regular basis with interesting and informative messages to entice them to visit you online where your message will convince them to become a lifelong customer/advocate. For businesses that rely solely on the online business model the catchphrase is ‘the money is in the list’. If you have to rely on people tripping over your site or revisiting on their own accord then you are not in control. Once you have an email contact for that prospect you can include them in any promotions and thus ensure a more timely result.

Site Membership –

benefits offered to regular visitors or paying guests to receive ongoing services – this can be an amazing cash generator if the right service is provided. This is very effectively used by restaurants who offer a wekly or monthly special to their regular clients only – as a thank you for their loyal custom but can be as equally valuable to just about any business.

Website marketing is not that different in principle to offline or conventional marketing. It is all about offering a value added service or product that is good value for money, needed and customer care/service orientated. If you don’t satisfy the clients needs, wants or desires you business will not survive for long. If your services/products match this criteria then it is all about enough prospective clients hearing of your offerings.

Think of your website like you would any other piece of Real Estate, because that is exactly what it is, Real Estate online. If you bought or rented a shop you would either need it to be in a high traffic area or you would need to heavily advertise your presence. Online you need to select the right real estate by choosing the right name, keyword (The word or phrase that you are promoting your website upon to attract people who search for that specific search term i.e. ‘restaurants’) and niche targeting (search phrase ‘i.e. ‘chinese restaurants Penang’ as apposed to just ‘restaurants’).

As you can see from this very brief and general overview there is a lot to think about if you want to be successful online and it would take you years to learn it to the level that our team of experts have achieved. Your shortcut to all this learning is to hire our team of consultants to work online on your behalf to achieve success for your business like you could never imagine before.

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