Sailor’s in Langkawi

whats-on-penang-langkawi-sailorI remember those hot summer days playing with my friends and racing into the house to escape the heat. The fridge was a treasure chest of succulent treats. Upon opening the fridge the round pack of sliced bologna would beckon with the promise of a tasty treat. Something I could make!

Two pieces of bread, slather on the mayo, a good squirt of yellow mustard and several round slices of bologna and viola! The supreme summer treat! Easy and a taste that I still love today.

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Mutiara Burau Bay Beach Resort, Langkawi


The Mutiara Burau Bay, Langkawi is a 19-acre resort located in Burau Bay. It is huddled in the magnificence tropical rainforest. The Seri Mutiara Restaurant & Terrace offers a variety of local and international dishes.

The Seashell Beach Cafe has a live band playing and it is near an adjoining play area that would certainly keep children entertained.

Relax and unwind with your favorite drink on The Oyster Bar & Lounge which has a sensational tropical brew. The outlet offers the stunning view of the Andaman Sea. Apart from the views, guest can embrace the ocean breeze while dining in a relaxing ambiance.

Mutiara Burau Bay Langkawi offers guest services like traditional massage, jungle-trekking, horse riding, para-sailing, jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling and island-hopping. The other activities like round island self-drive, golfing, sunset cruises, day or night fishing trips, river safari, mangrove excursion and sightseeing tours can also be arranged via the hotel’s recreation center.

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Bohor Tempoyak Night Market

whats-on-penang-night-market-1With my first trip to Southeast Asia , I discovered those magical Hawker’s Stalls and Night Markets. I had never seen or experienced anything like it.  It can be a bit intimidating for ‘new’ travelers to the region, but usually the warmth and curiosity of the locals can make for an easy transition.
There were times, in my early travel days, when I’ve turned down unique foodie experiences, due to my undeveloped sense of adventure or feeling like a bit of an intruder at a ‘local’ hotspot.
But I’ve changed that mind set in recent years with more ‘road’ experience as well as living side by side with locals, in Langkawi.  My neighbors have encouraged me to try more local food. I have been invited into their homes for meals and friends have even hand delivered food as a neighborly gesture!

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