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My Two Cents To Save The Environment


Steve and I were in heated discussion and brainstorming mode the other day. We were debating the Chief Minister’s desired ‘No Car Sunday’ policy.

What a great way to help preserve the beautiful environment of Penang, especially in Georgetown. Imagine a day without cars, where you can freely walk and soak up the colour, aroma’s and vibrancy of this very special city.

I grew up with Car-less Days and know the real difference they can make, and Steve, on one of his many trips to Bangkok, discovered that this city of Angels and smog had a brilliant tourist attraction that was FREE. Multiple collection and drop off points for a city-centrewide bicycle campaign for tourists to use to get about from one attraction to the other. What a gem – convenience, cost-effective (very), fun and healthy at the same time.

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Go Pink for a Cure at Hard rock Hotel

Ultimate Foam Party Themed in Pink Just Like Cotton Candy.


Search Rocks Out at Hard Rock Cafe Penang.

8 October 2011 marked another great milestone for Hard Rock Hotel Penang in its brand commitment towards philanthropy. This time round, the hotel was shrouded in a pink vibe! In conjunction with Pinktober®, the hotel’s weekly Ultimate Foam party was brightened up in pink with a “Cotton Candy Tub” theme. To add on to the atmosphere, party goers attended the event in pyjamas as a support for this cause.

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Finnegan’s Irish Pub Goes Live

Finnegan’s Irish Bar & Restaurant is located opposite the marina at Straits Quay and a more picturesque setting could not be found.

Finnegan’s has a capacity of around 400 people and 150 of this is outside overlooking the yachts and cruisers moored in the marina with views over to the mainland and the hills beyond. Straits Quay really comes alive at night visually and literally.

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Why every business needs to have a website

We all know in business that if you want to sell your services or products then you need to advertise in one form or another. Traditionally before the internet came along you would invest in a prime position for your physical real estate space (Shop) or you might decide to go for a less trafficked area to reduce the costs and advertise in print, radio or TV.

If money were no object then we would all like to be positioned in the ‘High Street’ AND have the print, radio and T.V. advertising but unfortunately money invariably IS an objection so we always need to compromise our ideals.

With the invention and spread of the internet we can “have our cake and eat it”. Whether you are a global conglomerate or a new start-up business we all start on an even keel. The cost of your domain name ( – your online shop) and the cost of hosting (your online real estate rental) is pretty much the same. [Read more…]

H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’


Hold on to your hats Penangites!

One of the most hyped parties of the year heads your way this weekend!

That’s right, this year the H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ will be kick-starting its 2011 series at Voodoo, Penang on 28 April 2011 before heading down to The Opera, Sunway Pyramid two days later on 30 April 2011.

True to the spirit of ‘The Global Art of Mixing’, new zones such as the Hennesy iMix Challenge for iPad enthusiasts and the Hennesy Music Mix Synth booth will be featuring alongside its trademark Hennesy Mixing Bar.The Hennesy Interactive Photowall is also upgraded this year to allow guests to choose different visual backgrounds and enhance their photos digitally.

They’ve also tapped into the trend of the decade called ‘social media’ and now have new radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristband. This wristband allows party-goers to log on to Facebook and update their statuses whenever they scan their wristband onto a RFID reader located at each Hennesy Mixing booth. George Orwell would be proud!

On the music front, headlining the night will be Vandalism, the Australian electro/house duo of DJ/Producer Andy Van and vocalist/songwriter Cassie Van. Conquering the stage alongside them are Malaysia’s ever present, up and coming rock sensations, Kyoto Protocol and the DJ duo from Spinderella (Miss Eva T and DJ Lizz) who will who will invade our souls with their signature club, electro, and house tunes..

Mixing the perfect blend of sound and alchohol, the H-Artistry party is definitely going to be a night to remember… ’em or possibly not.

Entry passes are by-invitation only. To be in with a glimmer of a chance to be invited, you must log into H-Artistry’s official Facebook fan page at or follow H-Artistry on Twitter: The party is strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only.

Finding History

I came across this great article which reflects my own experiences back in England many years ago before I started What’s On Penang” . I was introduced to local history through my interest in architecture and through various societies delved into the history of these buildings and the people that lived there over the past 250 years. It was the connection to real people and my imagination wondering how they lived and their real life situations they faced that piquéd my interest. This article from U-Jean is well worth the read- enjoy.

What Arts Ed and MyBalikPulau is all about

By – U-Jean – Feb 13, 2011


If you and I are of the same generation (born year 1988), plus minus a few years, you would probably agree that our History education sucks.

Mindless memorisation of useless facts, overemphasis on naming the correct years and characters, uncreative and dreadful learning experience, and the oh-so-clearly disproportionate reading of “world” history, all for the sake of getting an A for the SPM History paper.

Coming from top school in Penang where we were groomed for As by practicing on revision books, trial papers, forecast papers, and past-year papers, I got my very well-deserved A.

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Agribusiness comes to Penang

K-State to take Master of Agribusiness to Southeast Asia

usm-penangContributed to The Sentinel – Posted Feb 10, 2011 @ 09:41 AM – Manhattan 

Officials from Kansas State University and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement on Nov. 15, 2010 to bring K-State’s award-winning Master of Agribusiness (MAB) to Southeast Asia.

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