Bars & Pubs

Bars and Pubs are about the people, the atmosphere and of course the food and drink. Some Pubs and Bars are best for food, others are best for music. Some are just great because they are!

This is our list, and if we have missed your favorite pub or bar, please tell us about it and give us all some idea of why you think it is so good.

Penang has so much choice with a never-ending selection of new bars and pubs being continuously added to the scene. It’s always party time on Penang!


MOIS Dance Club

If you’re young and free and would like a place to savour every moment of your precious life, hitting the clubs once in you lifetime is an absolute must to for anyone. To get that pump of adrenaline when the bass is hitting hard, where the drinks range from world famous liquors, chilled beers and sexy cocktails, where each person dances to their own beat with the same club hit. It’s a love-hate sort of thing.

Mois night clup penang
Mois night clup penang

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Lady Platinum ET Friday, Be Fabulous

Lady Nigth Mois
Lady’s Night at Mois
BED Lady Platinum Card Holder, redeem your FREE bottle of Moët et Chandon every Friday.
Dress code: Be Fabulous
Time: 10pm – 3am
Date: Every Friday
Condition: Bring along 3 of your Fabulous Girl Friends..

Why FREE? Cos Women are Gorgeous!

Why do you need men when you have MOIS? Haha.. it’s about having fun and being fabulous!