Bohor Tempoyak Night Market

whats-on-penang-night-market-1With my first trip to Southeast Asia , I discovered those magical Hawker’s Stalls and Night Markets. I had never seen or experienced anything like it.  It can be a bit intimidating for ‘new’ travelers to the region, but usually the warmth and curiosity of the locals can make for an easy transition.
There were times, in my early travel days, when I’ve turned down unique foodie experiences, due to my undeveloped sense of adventure or feeling like a bit of an intruder at a ‘local’ hotspot.
But I’ve changed that mind set in recent years with more ‘road’ experience as well as living side by side with locals, in Langkawi.  My neighbors have encouraged me to try more local food. I have been invited into their homes for meals and friends have even hand delivered food as a neighborly gesture!

whats-on-penang-night-market-2I am in awe of their unique cooking skills, as well as their use of local plants and herbs that can often be found growing wild on the side of the road! Knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.whats-on-penang-night-market-3
The increase in more ‘foreign’ travelers and workers, especially in the past 10 years is apparent, has resulted in a huge number of travel articles being published. Giving even National Geographic a run for its money!
And all those fabulous family recipes are being highlighted and shared throughout the world. So maybe us ‘outsiders’ are not so unique anymore, but the food retains its regional individuality.
In Langkawi, there is a Night Market (or two) every night of the week. They are scattered around the Island in prime locations.  They usually start around 5pm. It is a not to be missed experience.whats-on-penang-night-market-5I recently went to the Night Market at Kedawang (near Pantai Cenang). It was actually my 1st time to this particular Night Market and I was wowed by the variations of food and so many people.
The choices were almost overwhelming, but a great opportunity to try everything!







The Langkawi Night Market schedule is as follows:
Monday : Ulu Melaka   also   Pekan Rabu Mall (Kuah)                          
Tuesday : Kedawang                                                                                 
Wednesday : Kuah                                                                                      
Thursday : Bohor Tempoyak                                                                     
Friday : Air Hangat Roundabout

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