Az Samad @ PenangPac – Stage 2

I had a great weekend, how about you?

Az Samad
Az Samad

My nieces birthday on Friday kicked off the weekend for me which was soon followed up with a visit to PenangPac on Saturday evening to see a solo guitar performance from Az Samad which was exceptional. To think that this show as well as all performances at PenangPac Straits Quay are FREE until the end of the year is amazing.

The performance put on by AZ was mesmorizing and the sounds that he got out of his acoustic guitar were as wonderous as they were unexpected. He could be considered the “Bill Withers” of Guitar.

If you missed this performance you will get a chance of a second bite of the apple as  local artiste Az Samad is at this years Penang Island Jazz Festival as he performs in the Az Samad Jazz Duo. This Duo comprises of guitarist composer Az Samad, who has performed in the United States, Austria, Britain, Singapore and in Malaysia and has worked with Grammy winners Flaco Jimenez and Max Baca, guitarists John Stowell, Stuart Ryan, Teja Gerken, world music ensemble Bogofusion and electronic jazz-funk group Planet Loop, among others.

Performing with Az is the multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter Zalila Lee on percussions, guitar and vocals.

Catch the Az Samad Duo on Dec 2 (3pm, BatuJazz Stage, Lone Pine Hotel),

Dec 3 (3.45pm, G Stage, G Hotel)andDec4(3.35pm,Bayview Corner, Bayview Beach Resort).

Every weekend PenangPac has performances from all genres and there must be at least one showing per weekend to suit all tastes. Personally I wish I could clone myself as I ended up missing performances this weekend as I could only be in one theatre at a time!!

All tickets are available at the box office at PenangPac (Floor 3A, Straits Quay) directly before the performance or you can collect in person anytime in advance of the performance (4 tickets maximum per person collecting).

Some social etiquette to remember for all performances please –

1) Please turn up with plenty of time to spare so that you are not disturbing the performers or the audience with a late arrival.

2) Remember to turn off all phones before entering the theatre.

3) Be considerate of other people around you – coughs, sneezes, snorts, etc should be kept to yourself.

4) Enjoy yourself and share the experience with your companians but please do so at appropriate times and not during the performances.

One word of warning dress for the arctic as it does get pretty chilly in there with their brand new air-conditioning.

Read more about the PIJF 2011: Surf the Jazz – Sunday Life & Times – New Straits Times

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